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DIY for flower girls!

March 17, 2009

Easter Baskets for Flower Girls

Easter Baskets for Flower Girls

I styled a wedding with SIX flower girls. Yes, six darling cousins ranging from twelve to two. I found the best way to tie the flower girls into one cohesive look: matching sashes and baskets. J Crew has a beautiful array of sashes that double as belts. For these little darlings I used a chartreuse sash, which matched the wedding’s colors and bought six easter baskets. Yes, easter baskets! You can easily find these at Target, especially this time of year. Or, wait for the day after sale. Think of upcoming holidays and the colors associated with those. Maybe you are having a fall wedding, think of Thanksgiving and how seasonal sales can help add to the color way of your palette. Also, heres a tip: many flower shops have day old flower petals that they will throw into your price if you ask kindly. 

Photography was done by Thea Dickman who is the resident photographer at Wright Auction house in Chicago. Wright specializes in contemporary and modern design, a must see for any mid-century connoisseur.

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