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Good Design is: Often Strange

March 12, 2009

I have seen Chip Kidd speak on several occasions and read The Learners and The Cheese Monkeys. Twice. Each. If he is ever in a city near you GO! He is hilarious, intelligent and so incredibly witty. Strange? Maybe, but strangely beautiful. And his style! God, I can’t say enough.

But, back to my point. Good Design is Often Strange. And that is what makes it good. A second glance, a question, a “hmmm…” escapes your lips when you see Often Strange Design. 

This is a book cover he designed for Lolita’s 50th anniversary. It’s obviously a young, innocent and suggestive half-smile. But turn it on its side and….I will leave it to your imagine.

(he did it, not me!)


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