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Good Design is often Slightly Funny: Jack in the Box redesign

March 11, 2009

First in my series of “Good Design is” is Good Design is often Slightly Funny.  Paul Graham states: “Think of Saarinen’s womb chair.” Think of The King, Burger King’s King that is. I wouldn’t want to stand close to him, but it’s funny. I would buy a womb chair (god-willing) but I wouldn’t want my profile picture to be taken seated in it.

Recently Duffy & Partners re-designed the Jack in the Box logo. Yes, they did start off with an icon of ’70’s connecting rounded type, a thrill to any emerging graphic designer. I spend most of my childhood vacations in San Diego around the corner from a Jack in the Box and remember staring up and the big red box always surprised at just how many letters were intersecting. 

Now Duffy has done it again, Jack in the Box is Good Design. High fives and bacon double cheeseburgers all around!

Thanks to Brand New for the heads up.

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